Carlos Vidal-Meliá » Professional Experience

1992-present: Independent Consultancy-Actuary, Consultant in the field of pension commitments and pension schemes to the following firms (in alphabetical order):

  1. ASEVAL (1998-present) (Private Life Insurance Company).
  2. BIA Galicia/CXG Aviva (2003-present) (Private Life Insurance Company).
  3. Cámara Valencia (2002-2003). (Offering services to businesses, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, and promoting the economic development within the local vicinity, Valencia)
  4. Ford España S.A. (2003-2007). (Car Manufacturer).
  5. Getronics S.A. (2005). (Information and communication technology solutions and services provider).
  6. Grupo Aguas de Valencia. (2002-2004). (Main activities: Supplying drinking water to municipalities, sewage piping for disposal and treatment of wastewater and supplying water for agricultural use).
  7. Grupo Boluda S.A. (2006-2008). (Shipping sector, company group with a number of different business divisions covering harbour towage, off-shore, marine salvage, marine transport of goods, shipbuilding and repair, tanker transport and supply of hydrocarbon fuels, operation of cargo terminals, shipping and forwarding agency).
  8. Iberdrola S.A. (2005). (The largest private electricity firm in Spain).
  9. MARVALSA (2011), the firm operates the biggest Container Terminal in the Port of Valencia, last port of call for export westbound in the Mediterranean area.
  10. PHILIPS (Euroservice, Asistencia Técnica S.A.). (2008-2009) (Main activity: Servicing and repairs).
  11. Unión Naval de Barcelona S.A. (2007) (The main activity is the repair and conversion of vessels).
  12. Universities of  Jaume I, UCLM, La Rioja, Pablo de Olavide and Extremadura (2011-present) (Pension benefit commitments). 

1985-1992: Controller, Federico Domenech S.A., (Multimedia (regional) group of companies).